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Contract production of olive oil

Contract production of olive oil is a way to increase the range of products and increase customer loyalty to your brand




“Princess Vkusa” manufactures products (canned food) at large production places of Russian and foreign manufacturers of the food industry that have embedded quality and safety management systems for their products. The high quality of the products of “Princess Vkusa” at an good price for the consumer is achieved through a unique approach to management at enterprises producing products and with a well-built distribution system of the EKOLEND Group


The company "Ecoland" is a leading producer of olive oil in the Central Chernozem region. The product is produced under its own brand and under the label of customers - in a contract production format. We have all the necessary resources that will allow you to qualitatively expand your assortment portfolio, enter the market with a new product.
We provide a full range of services, from the formulation of unique oil blends to the design of labels. in the basis of raw materials - the variety of an oleaginous tree of various kinds corresponding to the international classification. For tasting and choosing a recipe, we create test samples.
The products are compulsorily certified and registered with government agencies with the issuance of certificates.

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